On Saturday the 12th of December Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan – BBMP Public School celebrated its 4th Annual Sports Day.

Shri. Hakimuddin S. Habibulla, who represented India in Sydney Olympics as a Swimmer was the Chief Guest.

The event began with a spectacular March Past. The four houses Vindya, Aravalli, Mt.Everest & Kanchenjunga were lead by their house commander. The colourful house flags made the scene breathtaking. The motto of this years sports was Citius Altius & Fortius the Olympic motto. The mascot for the sports was the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger.The parade was commanded by Cyril Jones the school commander. Nithyashree of Grade V welcomed all the Guests with warmth. She gave a report of the school sports regimen.

The sacred torch was carried by six children who had creditable achievements this year in various fields of sports. The mother torch burnt brilliantly till the end of Sports Day. Cyril Jones administrared the sportsman’s oath. The whole parade took the oath in a solemn manner. The windsor palace band accompanied the March past. The spectators were overwhelmed with a feeling of admiration to the young students who marched in a disciplined manner. The houses commanders yelled out commands in Hindi which echoed throughout the ground.

The March past was followed by the Olympic torch formation. The students made the formation and did hand exercises. The brilliant gold’s and orange torch they held made it an eye catching event.

Students of Grade II dressed in red & white displayed a rhythmic mass drill holding colourful feather dusters in their hands.

The crème de la crème was however the Charlie Chaplin dance performed by Grade III, IV & V students. As per their own account they wove magic with their sticks with steps that brought Charlie Chaplin alive

The students of kindergarten participated in events which were ingenious. There were Mary’s dressed in frocks and aprons running to catch their lambs. Children dressed as fishermen rowed their boats to the victory line. There was an assortment of fruits that ran to the winning post which kept the audience cool on a warm day.

Sprints, relays, wheel barrow race, sack race etc followed. At the end of the day the Vindhya house was declared the champion house and Kanchenjunga the runner up.

The finals of the event saw Likith of Grade IV declared the champion male athlete and Tanushkashree as the champion female athlete. The Chief Guest awarded them championship trophies accompanied by the melodious strains of congratulations and celebrations.

After the meet was declared closed by the chief Guest the proud green flag of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan – BBMP Public School was lowered slowly by the Chief Guest to the sounding of bugles. The flag was folded and bid good bye for this year.